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Discover The Ultimate Success Secrets To Winning And Keeping Customers For Life!

What if, no matter what your competitors offered, your customers would never leave you?

Notes From Dan Kennedy's 25K Influencial Writing Seminar

Dear Marketer,

What is the most important thing in your business?

It's your List. Your customers.

What would it be worth to you and your business if you could build a wall around your customers so strong that even and Iraq Shock and Awe Attack wouldn't stand a chance of tearing this wall down.

What if your customers were so in Love With You that they couldn't wait to get their emails opened everyday to see how you were doing?

What if the bond you had with your customers was that of Best Friend status?

Recently, Me, The Chief Nerd, had an opportunity to learn the exact strategies that many of the world best Fiction Authors, T.V. Sitcoms, and Movie Trilogies use to develop a fan base so strong that people sleep on concrete, in rain and snow for days at a time, just to get the next book or watch the next installment of the Movie.

Could you benefit from this type of bond with your customers?

I'm here to tell you that I don't think you "Could" benefit but that it's a Must as we move into this New Social Media Society.

As I was saying...

A few weeks ago...

I found myself tearing thru what was, in my opinion, the very best program I've ever listened to on Developing a deep bond with your customers and clients.

What was it?

Dan Kennedy's, $25,000, Influencial Writing Workshop.

I can guarantee that there has never been a program even come close to delivering the goods on creating Your Character, Telling Your Story, and Creating Raving Fans for your business.

I became so infatuated with this program that I then devoured Three Other incredibly good programs on influence.

I combined the best of all of them and shared This with my Ultra Product Launch Mentoring students.(note: if you are part of this program you already have this information)

Many sent me instant feedback that this was some of the most important information they had ever heard.

I was going to wait to share this with the rest of my Herd (A term I first heard from Dan Kennedy, referring to his customers) but I think it's way too important to your success to wait.

What came out of this was a Report detailing the 31 Principles of Influence and a 2.5 Hour Seminar you will receive in MP3 format.

Here are 5 Reasons You Must Have This Program Now: 

1st Most Important Reason To Take This Shortcut To Strengthening The Way You Talk To Your Prospects & Customers 


To Get Maximum Money From Your Fan Base They Must Seek Your Approval… And this is THE finest program you’ll come across that will make sure you know every element Dan Kennedy uses to keep people buying from him even after he readily admits that if they have Magnetic Marketing and a years worth of the newsletter they pretty much know everything he does.


It’s a fact that people do whatever they can to seek pleasure and avoid pain.


This means that if your ideal customers are fascinated by you because you’re weaving every one of these “Raving Fan Elements” into everything your list hears or sees, these ideal customers will want to be like you and pay attention to your advice.


And what this really means is that when it comes time for the opportunity to purchase something from you, they’ll feel like when they buy, they’re simply following a friends suggestion instead of being pressured into a corner by some sleezeball, churn ‘em & burn ‘em salesman’s HARD CLOSE and having buyers remorse the day after they’ve bought which jacks your return rate up.


The evidence of this is that you can bring up Tony Robbins’ name at any psychologist or therapist’s convention & you’ll get the 5,000 reasons why Tony’s full of shit and doesn’t know half of what they do.  And yet, not one of em will have influenced anywhere near as many everyday folk or famous people as Tony has.  And I’d bet green money none of the whiners will have anywhere near the financial wealth Tony does either.


Can I get your permission to ask you a few questions?  O.K.  Who has more influence on society, movie stars or school teachers?  Is this because teachers aren’t important?  Or, is it because most teachers are less than entertaining & charismatic.


You don’t have to be as magnetic as a George Clooney or Julia Roberts to capture the interest of your ideal customers but you can’t be ‘School Teacher’ boring.  The first principle revealed in this lesson will reveal to you how a ‘normal’ person can bring out fascinating elements about yourself that resonate with your ideal customers.



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2ndMost Important Reason To Take This Shortcut To Strengthening The Way You Talk To Your Prospects & Customers


Just robotically teaching your core content will put your customers & prospects to sleep and send them in search of the new shiny object.


Stories stick with people far longer than lists of information.  You want proof of this?  O.K.  I imagine you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich”.


If you can name all 17 of the success principles right now, you beat out the entire room of people Kennedy was teaching this seminar to.  My guess is that 99.8% of people couldn’t do this but EVERYONE who’s read it remembers the story of how the book came to be propositioned to Hill by Andrew Carnegie.


When you tell a story it’s going to stick in the mind of the customer whether you like it or not.  Now, with this guide, you’ll take great care to tell stories that imprint – pre-frame in people’s minds what you’re about, how they should connect with you, how they should see & think about you.


What this really means is now you can direct your reputation in your ideal customers mind.  You don’t just hope they see you in the light you want them to.  Now that you’ll be able to craft a compelling story about yourself to wrap your awesome content or product in, people will be able tell other ideal customers about you and get them sold on buying from you by telling your story instead of just saying “Uhm, he’s really smart.  You should buy from him.”  When you leave people to their own devices this is the kind of stuff they come up with.


This is so true.  A few months ago when I was talking to my dad about Tony Robbins, I was looking for a way to show him he was the truth and I told him the story of how he launched his career in Canada on the back of his “One-Stop-Therapist” Shtick.


My dad’s kinda weirded out by how Tony looks Neanderthal.  You know the big teeth and all.  He was really resistant to the idea of listening to some self help crap.


I credit this story alone for him listening to and loving Tony’s “Creating Lasting Change” as we speak.


As Kennedy talks about in your guide, “The story is the source of all power in selling from the stage, in person and certainly in writing.


Quick question?  Why are stories so hypnotic?  Is it because we’re trained since children to love them?  Why do we not mind hearing marvelous stories over and over again?  Who knows.


What I do know is that with this guide you’ll soon know what it takes to captivate your ideal customers heart with your tales and this is what it takes to keep customers coming back year after year.  And, it’s so simple to do.  People just don’t’ know where to start.  Now you do.


3rd Most Important Reason To Take This Shortcut To Strengthening The Way You Talk To Your Prospects & Customers


Your stories should always have a purpose. People should be moved to a certain conclusion, preferably a conclusion that results in they’re trusting you more with their attention and bank balance. 


But which stories accomplish what you want?  Here’s a glimpse into the 7th Principle of the 31… on the house.  Just having this checklist here is worth the entire price of the report… 


Principle 7: Organization 


You need to actually build your inventory of stories, and when you start to catalogue them, there's lots of different ways to do so.


We'll talk about several, but one is viewing each story as an event, and most story events we’d be using fit one of these four categories… 


4 Story Categories: 


So, the first is the achievement of something through conflict with others or with self. This would be the whole category of stories that represent  triumph over conflict.


This is where people see the human side of you they can relate to instead of the glossy  pro who’s living life high on the hog.    


The second one would be the set that are adversity stories.  So these are the ones pretty much everybody's  got and everybody is most familiar with. They are often probably the most useful to us because they’re usually tied to shared common experiences like death of loved ones, bankruptcies, or lay-offs/firings.


The reason these are so powerful is that there is no perfect person. And if your story has to do with you going to hell and back, then the average person who’s only experienced minor setbacks can look to your story and say, “Dammmmmn. If he made this work despite all those handicapping experiences, I should have no problem.


The third type would be the success you’ve achieved through discovery stories. 


So, an example of this that you're all familiar with is Dr. Maxwell Maltz's revelation story he came to as a plastic surgeon doing these operations for people with low self-esteem.   


One day it dawns on him that even after these people have had their flaws fixed that they still don’t feel any better about themselves even though they look so much better,  


He finds that they look in the mirror and they see the same thing they saw before, therefore, he discovers the inner image, the self image, is more in control than the outer image.  


So, he has a story of discovery. It didn't come about through any adversity. It didn't come about through any conflict. It really didn't come about through scientific process. It came about through observation of what was happening consistently in front of him. 


The fourth way would be achieved through a teacher or a mentor .  This is the category of story that is pretty useful to most of us because we're selling mentoring coaching training education 


So, the classic Blackie s actually comes from the gambling industry.  All a Blackie story is, is some wise old person usually on their deathbed giving you their secret with their last dying breath, and you're the one to carry it on into the world or some variation on that.   


  Like the Andrew Carnegie getting Napoleon Hill to write the story of success. So, those are all achieved through the influence of some other person. 


Those are really the four big categories that we deal with. 


The ultimate result here is - if you want to think about it this way you want a file cabinet so that when you need a story for a particular purpose, you can go there, and the ones who fit the purpose are readily accessible in the file cabinet. 


Another way to approach this is through the values being achieved by the story So, the four big values that can come out of a story are: 

1. A transformational change in the person themselves, so the person comes from being timid to bold, fearful to courageous, bored to passionate and enjoying life, misguided to guided, evil to good, etc. 


2. A value can be an idea, the story leads us to a profoundly important idea. 


3. A value can be a behavior, so the story gets us to a specific change in the way we behave toward a situation, 


4. Or, the story gets us to a benefit outcome, something we got from it. 



Just having these at your finger tips now means you know the four categories of stories you want to be telling that assure you’ll never feel stuck like you may have before when you’ve heard the advice of “You’ve got to tell stories in your marketing & client retention communication if you want people to welcome you with open arms for years on end.” 


Let me ask you this.  Have you ever wondered to yourself… “Where do I start? or “What kind of stories do I tell?” or “Is there a wrong story to tell and am I already telling it?”  Now you know.  NO MORE GUESSWORK.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  


4th Most Important Reason To Take This Shortcut To Strengthening The Way You Talk To Your Prospects & Customers 


With this Guide you’ll now know how to use your stories to make more than one point.


We both know we only have so many stories under our belt but what if we could make a story for multiple purpose illustrating multiple lessons?  During Dan’s seminar he gave the attendees the exercise of re-working the lesson learned from a simple story about a rabbit and a fox.  They came up with 7 different conclusions you could bring your audience to with just this one story.


This means you don’t have to sweat not having a bazillion stories to tell.  Once you learn how to multi-purpose stories it’s gonna shave tons of time off of your preparation time.  It means a good story can be used on Tuesday for purpose A and used two weeks from Thursday for purpose B.


What this really means is you looking like a genius because you fans always come away with ‘getting your point’ because you’ve used a compelling story to teach the lesson you knew would enrich your life.  


Think about how often Dan Kennedy uses stories.  Now that you know it’s possible to make a story make more than one point you’ll perk up when he starts telling a story you think you’ve already heard because you’ll be looking for the point he’s gonna make with it so that you can find a way to work into your rotation.


Question.  Can you ask a story to make too many points?  Can you dilute the truth you wanted your audience to realize?  Not anymore.  Now that you have access to the masters degree of selling with stories.


5th Most Important Reason To Take This Shortcut To Strengthening The Way You Talk To Your Prospects & Customers 


If people don’t want to be a part of “Your World” because they feel like they’ve finally arrived at a place where someone finally gets them… they’ll drop you like Hugh Hefner does with his blonde ‘girlfriend’ when he tires of them.


Look at this.  The Howard Stern show isn’t a physical “place” you can set foot in but it definitely is a “Place”.  It’s the place grown men can hang out in for a few hours and hear the crudest jokes, hear women be ‘put in their place’ and it’s all okay.


On the polar opposite end of the spectrum look at the ‘Place’ Rush Limbaugh has cultivated.  It’s the spot where the ‘right’ go to feel superior and smarter than everyone else.


With the secret revealed just in this principle you’ll know how to breed this kind of faithful following which means people will hang on every word you say because you make them feel special.  You make them feel cherished like almost no one in the world can.  And that my friend, is addictive.


And what this really means to you is that when some other competitor pops his head up in your industry you can laugh to yourself when you see his self-important shitty advertising because you know that puppy is always gonna stay on the porch and will never come in your house and disrupt your lifestyle.


But what happens if you stay the puppy?  What if you never learn how to talk to your ideal customers in a way that makes them embrace you at every contact?  Only you know the answer to those questions.




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Join Me (Chief Nerd) and Nerd#2 for a 90 Minute Conference On "Building a Steel Wall Around Your Customers". 
We will be covering some of the Key Concepts coverd in this report and adding to them. 
Upon Purchase you will be given immediate access to Report and your call in details will be emailed immediately! Bonus Value at $89 

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